Top 5 business biographies 

Reading the biographies of successful business leaders that you admire is one of the best ways to become inspired. 

Many successful entrepreneurs admit that they have attributed some of their success to putting in the time to read business memoirs of people that they admire. 

If you are looking to do the same, then we have picked out some of the most inspirational business biographies. 

  • Steve Jobs 

The late founder of Apple Computers’ biography is one of the most popular business memoirs ever written. The book is based on more

than 40 interviews conducted by journalist Walter Issacson with Steve Jobs, his family and friends giving an honest portrayal of one of the

most intuitive business minds of our time. 

  • Losing My Virginity 

Losing My Virginity documents how one of the world’s most successful businessmen, Richard Branson, built the Virgin empire from its

humble beginnings as a mail order record business. 

  • Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the creator of Nike 

Shoe Dog follows Nike founder Phil Knight’s memories from early childhood up until launching one of the world’s most successful sports

brands. Bill Gates has said that it is one of his favourite books. 

  • The Everything Store 

The Everything Store documents how Jeff Bezos and Amazon conquered the world of online retail. It covers a lot of important topics such

as management, leadership and innovation and has sold millions of copies worldwide. 

  • Elon Musk: Tesla, Space X and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

Tech giant Elon Musk is often quoted saying how much he has learnt from reading biographies. This book documents Musk’s struggles

and shows you the sacrifices that you will need to make when you have ambitions and no one believes in you.